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Webinar on Improving Productivity and Building Effective Teams: Psychology in the Workplace

On 30 June (Thursday) at 11 am, Newcastle Australia organised a zoom webinar chaired by our CEO and Pro Vice-Chancellor, Professor Tony Travaglione. Our esteemed speaker, Professor Kristen Pammer, Head of the School of Psychological Sciences was invited to share her insight studies and knowledge on how organisations can improve productivity and effective teams from a psychological perspective.


During the zoom webinar, Professor Kristen defined the differences between clinical psychology and workplace psychology. The latter aims to improve the understanding of people in businesses to help them achieve not only personal but also a commercial success. Psychology in the workplace helps to create and sustain a positive and influential workplace culture which reduces staff turnover and increases employee engagement, customer satisfaction as well as business success. Likewise, it also showcases the importance of transferable core life skills such as the ability to communicate effectively, to work together in teams, and to lead with empathy and respect.

Henceforth, the Master of Business Psychology program was introduced. Professor Kristen Pammer highlighted how this program helps graduates enhance their careers and skills in leadership and people management from a psychological perspective.

To find out more, watch the recorded webinar video HERE