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Don't know where to start your assignments?

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How Can Academic Learning Support Help You?

What Is Academic Learning Support?

Academic skills are essential for success at university,
but many students need help to develop these skills.

Academic Learning Support can help you with essential academic skills such as planning your study, getting started with assignments, academic writing, and transition to tertiary education.

Academic Learning Support also hosts a range of workshops and courses and provides access to more individualised assistance.

What can I get out of Academic Learning Support?

You can get expert advice from a Learning Advisor, or get help any time with your assignments from Library services and Studiosity.

Whether it’s from your lecturers, program/course coordinators, peers or online resources, there is an abundance of support in place to help you achieve your goals.

It doesn’t need to be course-specific either – you can get help with generic skills such as presentation skills.

Contact Us

Reach out to Jade, your dedicated learning advisor, for your learning needs.

Jade will visit BCA Academy and PSB Academy regularly.  Get in touch with her to find out more.

This service is provided free to all students.


WhatsApp: 60220312

Academic Learning Support

Supporting your study wherever you need us


Academic Learning Support offers the following workshops:

Individual Appointments

If you feel that you need further support after attending the workshops and checking  the resources available, we encourage you to contact our learning advisor for a face-to-face or an online session.

You may also attend the drop-in sessions – look out for the announcements sent via

Online Resources

Our team of Learning Advisors have created a suite of online
learning resources covering a wide range of areas :

  • Study Skills including exam prep , word skills , study planners , etc.
  • Taking control of your assignments
  • Writing skills
  • English Language Skills
  • Maths and Stats Skills
  • Graduate Resources
  • Guides For Enabling Pathways Students


Get fast advice on writing, grammar, structure and argument from Studiosity. 24/7 access to feedback on your assignments or help with essential skills for study. A great option for students especially on at night and on weekends. Do make the best of this service by submitting your work well before due date!


Our Library is a valuable resource that will help you succeed at university

For online help visit Subject Resource and Research GuidesStudy and Library Skills and referencing help. Use our Ask the Library service to chat, email  or Book a Librarian session for online video chat

The Duty Tutors Assistance Scheme (DTAS) initiative was introduced to assist students who may need extra help with difficult concepts. DTAS is manned by Duty Tutors who are well versed in their subjects, which means that you will get the extra help you need to do well in a course.

DTAS is available only for Engineering and Business students.

For more information, you can contact your respective Academic Coordinator:

For Business programs, contact Dr Rita Pidani at

For Engineering programs, contact Dr Chiang Liang Kok at

Transition to Tertiary Education Course

Newcastle Australia IHE has developed a Transition to Tertiary Education Course to support students transitioning to University. The aim of the course is to help students understand the high academic standards, ethos and task demands of their program.
The course consists of two sessions that provide information on writing reports, preparing for exams and presenting research. It is designed to provide students with the foundation of good scholarly knowledge, appropriate skills, strategies, core concepts and work habits.

Session 1

Session 2

Online Resources

Students are able to get access to more academic resources by visiting the Learning Resources.

The resources available on this site can help students with:

Academic Workshops

The Learning Adviser, Ms Jade Ong conducts workshops covering Study Skills, Academic Writing Skills, Career Support and English Language skills. There are also additional workshops conducted specifically for assignment and research purposes, depending on the need of students.

Some examples of the workshops are:

Our dedicated Learning Adviser, Ms Jade Ong, coordinates all aspects of Newcastle Australia’s teaching and learning activities and ensures all your student needs are met.

For more information, email

More Online Support Services


Indicating the source of information or ideas cited or discussed in your work, as well as giving the location of quotes, is a crucial aspect of assessments.

So understanding and being able to accurately reference is a skill you need to master. But with a variety of referencing styles used, it’s can be a variety of skills.

The University has resources to help you better understand referencing, while the Library offers more in-depth information about referencing, including style guides.

Research Skills

Between course readers, text books, the vast resources available through the Library, and the infinite amount of knowledge available on the internet, finding relevant, helpful sources for your specific area of study can be a challenge.

In fact, learning to be an effective researcher is a skill of its own, and one that you will need to learn during your time at uni.

The University offers resources to not only find the right material but improve your research skills as a whole.


Canvas is your Learning Management System (LMS). When you enrol in a course, your course content will be made available by your Course Coordinator in the Canvas platform. You can utilise Canvas for a variety of online learning and collaboration with your fellow students and academic staff. Canvas has a consistent, intuitive user interface providing you with a better learning experience.

Help for Canvas

We have created some resources based on user feedback to help you navigate in Canvas:

  • Introduction to Canvas – key Canvas terms and features
  • Editing notifications – step by step guide to setting up your notification preferences to ensure you get the alerts you need
  • Course nicknames and favourites – set your dashboard up to see your most used courses and nickname the course with what makes sense to you
  • Portfolium – Connect via Canvas to Portfolium, a tool for creating a professional profile and linking projects.
  • Passport to Canvas – Canvas offers students a self-paced course to learn everything you need to know about Canvas.  Self enrol to get started.
  • Canvas Student App – The app allows you to access courses and groups using a mobile device.
    Canvas provides a comparison of functions between the web version and app.

Need some more help? The Canvas Community has a great range of guides and support to help you navigate Canvas.