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Trimester 2, 2020: Overall Schedule for Week 1

Trimester 2, 2020: Overall Schedule for Week 1 (4 May to 8 May 2020)

We would like to welcome all our students, both new and continuing to Trimester 2, 2020. We have organised some interesting activities such as faculty Meet and Greet, Question and Answer sessions together with Online workshops to kickstart the Trimester.

Have a great first week of Trimester 2 and we encourage you to participate in all the sessions available to you!

Meet and Greet Session (for all students)

The meet and greet is a one-hour online session that allows students to meet their Program Co-ordinators and Academic team. This session would be a good chance for students to get all the information they need about their respective programs and administrative issues.

Question and Answer Session (for new students)

The Q&A is a one-hour online session facilitated by the Student and Academic Services (SAS) team from UON Singapore and the Programme Executives from PSB Academy. The Teaching and learning advisor and Programme Coordinators will also be present. Students can utilise this meeting to raise any questions they have about issues related to enrolment, learning support, admissions and many more. New students are strongly encouraged to attend the zoom sessions for their respective programs.

Online Workshops (for all students)

The online workshops conducted by the Teaching and Learning advisor Ms. Devi aims to highlight the importance of email etiquette, presentation skills and academic integrity in higher education. Students are given a chance to ask questions at the end of the workshop to clarify any doubts they have with regards to these topics.

Please refer to Trimester 2 – Overall Schedule for Week 1 for the schedules listed daily from 4th to 8th May and the details of the respective sessions. Please be informed that all sessions will be conducted via Zoom Meetings and will be recorded.

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Thank you and we look forward to meeting all of you soon.