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Meal delivery for frail elderlies at their doorstep

Our CSR initiatives continued this year with TOUCH Home Care on 14 April 2016. Nine Singapore staff volunteered in a ‘Meals-on-Wheels’ (a meal delivery programme) to collect pre-packed dinner food, and then walking along a designated route to deliver the food packages.

Teams are divided into zones within the north/north-east areas of Singapore to reach out and show our love and support to those in need. This initiative strives to meet the daily needs of the home-bound elderly. The elderly, who usually lives alone, depends on volunteers from TOUCH Home Care’s Meals-on-Wheels to deliver their meals every day, twice a day.

TOUCH Home Care (THC), a service of TOUCH Community Services, endeavours to enable the frail elderly to continue to function within the community with the greatest independence and quality of life.  They fulfil their mission by providing essential services including Home Medical, Home Nursing, Home Rehabilitation, Housekeeping, Personal Hygiene, Meals-On-Wheels and Transport/Escort services.

The volunteers are pleased to be a part of this unique experience, delivering up to 150 bento sets to the group of elderlies, mingling with them, and serving their basic needs.

View photos from the Meals on Wheels event here.