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We are pleased to announce the launch of our FIRST Postgraduate Programme. The Masters of Business Psychology programme will commence on 22 August 2022.

This programme gives an insight into advancing students’ people management skills and enhancing performance outcomes for their business. Focusing on understanding psychology as applied to the workplace will lead to better performance and well-being outcomes for individuals, teams, and organisations. The programme will cover topics like motivation, well-being, leadership and organisational change.

The most important good news is that potential students do not need a psychological background to join this programme. Regardless of their industry, as long as they manage a team and wish to enhance their career prospect.

As this is our first programme launch by Newcastle Australia IHE as a PEI, we are giving up to a 50% bursary rebate for the first ten students.

Professor Kristen Pammer presented the programme’s uniqueness during the preview sessions at our campus at the National Library Building, Singapore.

Interested candidates can contact our Education Consultants at for any enquiries on the Master of Business Psychology programme today!

Click here to find out more.