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IT Youth Special Mention Award

Bachelor of IT student, Mr Daniel Ng was awarded the Singapore Computer Society (SCS) IT Youth Special Mention at the IT Leader Awards 2016.

UON Singapore is proud to recognise our student at the inaugural IT Leader Awards 2016. Organised by the Singapore Computer Society (SCS), this yearly event commemorate individuals who drive innovation and exemplify leadership. These individuals distinguish themselves as young talents or have made an indelible mark.

The judging panel of the IT Leader Awards is made up of distinguished judges from the business, public sectors and academia. This year, the judges included an IT Youth Special Mention category and awarded Mr Daniel Ng, current Bachelor of IT Year 1 student from UON Singapore. The IT Youth Special Mention is a motivational award for youth(s) who may not fulfil the criteria of the IT Youth Award and the judges would like to encourage them and recognise them for their efforts. Daniel is the only awardee for the category but was accompanied with five other winners of the IT Youth 2016.

Join us as we congratulate Mr Daniel Ng on his achievements. Congratulations!

Interview with Mr Daniel Ng

Q. How do you feel about being awarded with the only ‘IT Youth Special Mention’ award at the SCS IT Leader Awards 2016?

I feel humbled and honoured to have been given the award. I really appreciate and would like to thank SCS for the recognition and generosity.  I have never expected any credit or reward for my work and accomplishments, so this award has really came as a surprise.  It would certainly motivate me to do more for the youths going forward. Thank you SCS!

Q. What and who are your main motivators in making a difference to the society?

We have always been told that those who have succeeded through the education system should contribute and give back to the society. Although I have not benefitted much from the education system as I have to overcome my speech delay disadvantage and being home schooled throughout most of my educational journey, it had never stopped me from trying to help the less fortunate and needy.  My journey in publishing a book managed to accomplish both purposes.

Firstly, to help and draw the interest of the less inclined students and then with the proceeds, to plough back to aid the disadvantage.  It is in my nature, I guess, to do so.

There are many who I admire, and if it is one motivator, it is definitely my mum. She has painfully guided me along, home schooled me, get me to overcome my difficulties gradually, help me improve and build up my confidence at an undemanding pace. She was the first to agree to my intention to compile the book with a great deal of encouragement and feedback.

Q. Do you see yourself being a key influencer in the IT industry?

I would like to think that I could contribute to the IT industry in a big way. Areas like data analytics, programming and cyber security are all very interesting and fascinating.  The strong emphasis and demand on IT now and in future would present enormous opportunities and ideas to meet these challenges.  Though I am still learning and in the infancy of IT industry, I intend to come up with more improved and superior programs when I am good and ready.

Q. We heard that you have published two books before. Tell us about it, and any plans of publishing a new book?

The idea of my book is to present a more visual learning tool to students.  It must be pictorial, colourful and somewhat comical.  It has to captivate, easy to grasp, aid in retention and most of all, fun to read. The saying that a picture paints a thousand words is very apt.  That is why newspapers, magazines, websites, etc., all contain pictures and colourful ones too, to entice and attract readership besides bold headlines and captures.

Yes, I would certainly like to do another book when the subject is practical to do so in a pictorial manner and when time permits as I am still doing my degree with UON Singapore.

View details of the book here.