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EDIT. e-magazine launch by Journalism Collective

In February 2016, EDIT. – an online magazine was produced and launched by the Journalism Collective which consists of our Bachelor of Communication students. This e-magazine is a student initiative developed to give students an experience as reporters and journalists. The students will also be exposed with a body of work to show to prospective employers.

EDIT. is not just a student publication, but is seen as a quality lifestyle publication and an enjoyable read. The features found on EDIT. includes interesting articles on culture and lifestyle, entertainment, science and technology, sports, style, travel, as well as our specific events. EDIT.  is also partnered with the Singapore student chapter of the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS) to provide IRPS related content on this website.

If you wish to contribute as a guest writer for future issues, please contact the EDIT. teamat

Read about the Journalism Collective here.