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An Entrepreneur's Growth Within and Beyond

Even as a Founder and CEO of a global communications agency, Jacob Puthenparambil firmly believes in self-upgrading and enrolled in the Master of Business Psychology with Newcastle Australia. This article delves into the challenges that Jacob faces in his journey and how he copes with it.


Photo: Jacob Puthenparambil


Success in the business arena is often attributed to a combination of factors ranging from innovative ideas, strategic planning, and effective execution. As we thrive in this fast-paced and ever-evolving world, people tend to overlook the importance of continuous learning especially in sustaining long-term success whether it be in managing a business or navigating through life in general.

However, this is not the case for Jacob Puthenparambil, Founder and CEO of Redhill PR. Jacob regards education as his secret weapon, his “superpower”, and constantly strives to expand his knowledge and skills while simultaneously running one of Singapore’s fastest growing public relations agencies. Through Jacob’s story, we can uncover the transformative impact of continuous learning on personal and professional growth.


Photo: Jacob Puthenparambil


Before starting Redhill PR, Jacob worked in Dubai as the Middle East headquarters manager for Burson-Marsteller (now BCW) from 2003 to 2013. In between, Jacob took a break from 2008 to 2010, where he took up an assignment to work with the government in India. Following his relocation to Singapore, he identified a gap in the market—a lack of mid-sized agencies offering localised international work. Jacob’s entrepreneurial journey then began in 2014 with nothing but a dream and some resources to spare.

With a vision of establishing an international brand in Singapore, he partnered with a friend to launch Redhill PR. Today, the company has grown exponentially, surpassing even the most prominent global agencies in terms of size and revenue.


Embracing Entrepreneurship and Educational Opportunities

As CEO, Jacob recognises that his own personal growth directly influences the trajectory of his company. The desire to gain knowledge about various aspects of running a business led him to explore educational opportunities that offered convenience and flexibility. While self-directed learning through online resources is valuable, Jacob explained that enrolling in an institution provides a structured approach that strengthens fundamental understanding.  “It’s not what you learn, it is also how you build your network, your professors, the access to university resources in research. If you want to study business psychology, you can Google it, or even learn from YouTube, get to know the very surface level stuff and use the right vocabulary and all that. But it’s not going to help. You need to have a good ecosystem.”

So, when he stumbled upon the Master’s program in Business Psychology offered by Newcastle Australia, he was immediately intrigued. The unique combination of business and psychology piqued his interest, as he recognised the importance of understanding human behaviour in the context of talent-based economies. Moreover, the opportunity to interact with faculty members and seek their guidance on real-life situations was something he viewed as an invaluable resource.

One might argue that enrolling in a master’s degree or pursuing further studies while managing a successful business poses significant challenges. Time constraints, financial considerations, and the demands of everyday responsibilities can make the prospect seem off-putting. It requires careful planning, efficient time management, and a supportive network to strike a balance between work, education, and personal life.


Photo: Jacob Puthenparambil


For Jacob, he openly shared about his academic hurdles particularly when it came to group assignments and collaborating across different time zones. According to him, group work and dealing with varying personalities seemed like “managing a kindergarten soccer team of 5-year-olds trying to figure out how to play football”, adding that he, too, was one of the kids.

Ultimately, Jacob’s adaptability alongside the full support from his loving family and help from his classmates made it possible for him to manoeuvre around such challenges. More importantly, he noted, the convenience and flexibility brought about by Newcastle Australia’s use of technology and online lectures, allowed Jacob to study at his own pace.


Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Learning Within the Company

Jacob acknowledges that pursuing a Master’s degree has had a positive influence on his leadership style. “As we are acquiring more companies, I want to set some of these things we have established, as guiding principles, and I want that to be backed up by academic and scientific basis”, Jacob explains. He has also become more empathetic towards his team members, actively encouraging participation and valuing diverse perspectives.

Jacob explained that “our secret source for growth is empowering people and letting them run, go crazy, like going to Taiwan to set up an office without any prior experience”. Additionally, Jacob has expanded his perspective on compensation, recognising the value of non-monetary growth opportunities for employees’ career development. By creating an inclusive environment where everyone’s feedback is valued, he has witnessed beneficial changes in the dynamics of his organisation. 


Photo: Jacob Puthenparambil


Entrepreneurs and business leaders who possess a growth mindset understand that learning is a lifelong journey, one that begins from the confines of oneself and then gradually expands outwardly, spilling over to the people around and beyond the boardroom. Jacob’s unwavering commitment to lifelong learning inspires his team and instils a culture of curiosity and adaptability within the company. By actively pursuing further studies, Jacob sets an example and establishes a culture of continuous learning within his business. This not only promotes personal growth for Jacob but also encourages his employees to develop their skills and stay abreast of industry advancements. 


Personal Growth and Fulfilment as Rewards from Lifelong Learning

Jacob’s commitment to lifelong learning while building a thriving business exemplifies the potential for personal and professional growth. By enrolling in a Master’s degree program in Newcastle Australia, he has not only expanded his knowledge and skills but also enhanced his leadership capabilities and fostered a more inclusive work environment. Jacob’s story serves as an inspiration to entrepreneurs and business leaders who seek to excel in their industry while embracing the transformative power of education.

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