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Studying to become an EHS Professional

Our current Bachelor of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (BEnvOHS) student and staff has been featured in the The Singapore Engineer – the magazine of The Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES), February 2016 issue.

The Singapore Engineer magazine provides a platform for the communication of information on developments and achievements in various fields of engineering and is aimed to ensure that its engineer members are kept abreast with the latest standards in practice and the options available to ensure the highest level of quality, performance, safety and sustainability of all their projects – completed, in the pipeline or yet to come.

We are pleased to feature two of our esteemed academic and research staff who is teaching in our BEnvOHS degree in Singapore, and give a broad overview of the project that they are currently undertaking on: Workplace Safety and Health in the Singapore Construction Industry: Assessing the Nexus between Mental Health and Productivity. Alongside this, our award recipient and current student, Mr Brar Govind Singh shares his experience on studying the UON BEnvOHS degree and what he aspires to be after he graduate in the coming year.

Read more about Brar Govind’s journey with us, and what he aspires to be. (This article appeared in the February 2016 issue of The Singapore Engineer, the monthly publication of The Institution of Engineers, Singapore)