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Core Courses


Focuses on learning difficulties in the basic academic areas of reading, spelling, mathematics and comprehension. An overview is provided of likely causes of learning difficulties or the effects of these difficulties on reading, spelling or numeracy. Methods of assisting children with learning difficulties are also reviewed.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. to provide an overview of likely underlying causes of learning difficulties
  2. to discuss methods of identification of underlying causes of learning difficulties
  3. to outline the nature of the reading process and identify the likely effects of underlying causes on specific reading skills and strategies
  4. to provide information of the nature of specific difficulties in spelling and early level numeracy
  5. to provide an overview of service delivery models for studies with learning difficulties
  1. Reading Difficulty/Disability and Dyslexia
  2. The Nature of Learning Difficulty/Disability
  3. Components of reading
  4. Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary
  5. Adolescents with Learning Difficulties
  6. Writing Difficulties
  7. Interventions for Adolescents
  8. Word Reading: Accuracy and Fluency
  9. Phonological processing and Spelling difficulties
  10. Interventions for Younger Readers
  11. Numeracy difficulties
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