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Innovation and Lifelong Learning Seminar for Singapore’s Smart Nation Future

Supported by Learn SG Seed Fund, an initiative by the Lifelong Learning Council, UON Singapore organised the Innovation and Lifelong Learning Singapore for Singapore’s Smart Nation Future on 6 July 2017.

In this public seminar, more than 100 participants attended the event and engaged with the notable presenters. Key topics of discussion includes sharing of innovative ideas, approaches, and the drivers pertaining to lifelong learning in the Singapore context. The speakers also shared their personal experience through their lifelong learning journeys  in driving innovation and productivity at the individual, enterprise, industry, and national levels . The participants had the opportunity to network and exchange ideas to promote lifelong learning through Q&A and a hands-on workshop.

UON Singapore is proud to be part of this initiative and thank all attendees for their commitment and support.

Hear from the participants and view the event gallery.