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3rd ASEAN Australian Engineering Congress 2015

Organised by Engineers Australia (EA) Singapore Chapter and the University of Newcastle, the 3rd ASEAN Engineering Congress 2015 is intended to act as a platform to address the challenges of sustainability and decreasing resources.

Rising population has led to growth in infrastructure development and industry, placing high demand on resource management, waste management, and energy efficiency. This demand places responsibility on engineers and practitioners to incorporate sustainable development into the early phase of the design process. The congress aims to attract professional practitioners, policy makers, researchers and academics, featuring speakers who will present their experience and expertise in balancing the complex equation of material and energy sustainability.

At the congress, sessions takes the form of opening address with keynote speakers and break out session for technical presentations on research and practical solutions problems facing the sustainability and resource management and advances in renewable energy sector. These sessions aim to encourage constructive discussion and to provide attendees with networking opportunities. Participants include practicing engineers, university lecturers and students, and government agency staff. An exhibition was also run in parallel to the congress, featuring suppliers and contractors of innovative sustainable products and technologies.

The congress is supported by Engineers Australia National Office and Canberra High Commission for Australia in Singapore.

Click here to view the conference program